Spud Design Research and Analysis

In the past few years, Damen started building a lot of Stan pontoons, modular pontoons, modular jack ups and other vessels involving spuds for various applications. Consequently, R&D received a lot of development tasks on design and analysis of spuds. Most of them were analysed along with vessel motions, which required large effort with multiple iterations between seakeeping and structural hand calculations. This also entails several iterations between the designers and R&D to arrive at a feasible solution. An opportunity lies in automating much of this process to optimize the solution process and reducing the lead time in the design and proposal phase. Hence, it is important to gain the knowledge about such topics and set clear guidelines for usage, design and analysis of spud-related systems for various applications. Furthermore, it can establish a solid design philosophy which can be assembled into a simple and powerful tool, streamlining the design process.

The objective of this project is to perform Research in the form of a Literature Study in order the understand the concepts and methodologies behind spud systems and identify a cost-efficient way to analyse it within Damen. This is realized by the following:

  • Establish scope, extent and workability of spuds and/or alternative solutions for Damen applications
  •  Research and acquire knowledge on types of spuds and spud-vessel integrations and their applications in industry
  • Investigate methodologies to perform spud design and analysis and identify the most effective approach.
  • Evaluate need of tool (not including the making of the tool itself)

In this project you work closely with the business units Pontoons and Barges and Damen Dredging.

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